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Incorporating the latest developments and trends

Comfortable seating, stylish design, and long-lasting

Inspected and meet Canadian standards for public use


Patio Chairs and Tables

Comfortable seating in varying temperature

For Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Public Places
  • Stackable
  • Washable
  • Comfortable
  • Noise Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant

Advantages of our products


Tamison products are designed to be used and matched with different styles and decorations in both commercial and residential premises.


Made with high-grade materials and manufactured with latest technology to meet safety standards for public use

Design and Comfort

Designed with proper ergonomic curves and angles to provide physical comfort and beauty along with safety and durability

Our samples

To see our complete portfolio, see the product section

Our Projects


Restaurant Chairs and Tables

To create chairs and tables that could handle the everyday wear and tear of a restaurant. They need to design for strength, durability and stability, as well as high quality and comfort.  Equation of combining design and function quality.

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Advantage of patio stackable chairs

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Patio chairs and tables

Patio chairs and tables need to be comfortable, weather resistant with UV protection, noise resistant, stackable, washable, recyclable, and light-weight for moving and dragging.

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