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About us

About Us

About us

We at Tamison Commercial Furniture are pleased to provide a wide range of chairs and tables for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, and bars.  We focus on our customers’ needs with innovative and stylish products that meet the latest trends in the furniture industry; we also ensure customer satisfaction.   Our products are designed for use in public places and inspected by our quality control staff to meet Canadian standards for public use.

We provide a wide range of patio chairs and tables to fulfill two goals. The first is to provide stylish, comfortable, and durable products for public use.  The second is to play an important role in the green economy by providing entirely recyclable furniture, thus reducing environmental degradation.  Our patio chairs and tables are recyclable and we buy back our used products for recycling to reduce waste.

  • Responsibility:  we are constantly in contact with our customers to keep them up to date with new and innovative products.
  • Creative:  we create and design our products with our customers’ requirements in mind.
  • Accessible:  we operate our business locally and are always available to serve our customers in a timely fashion.
  • Quality assurance: we improve our service utilizing with customer feedback to provide the highest quality products.